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What’s An *Ass* Going For These Days? This Valentine’s Day, Love The One You’re With We Are All Responsible for Hadiyah

What’s An *Ass* Going For These Days?

Now, I as much as the next person can appreciate a beautiful body. Male or female, everyone enjoys the pure aesthetics of a pretty face, a great head ...

We Are All Responsible for Hadiyah

Years ago on a train ride to work, I read a disturbing story about a father beating his two year old son to death for wetting himself – ...

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03 Feb

It Is What It T-I-IS: A Commentary

It’s been too long since blogging was a priority in my life. I never knew that unbridled happiness and utter ...

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26 Mar

Getting Cheeky at Girl’s Night Out

This post is a bit late, but I guess its never to late to hear about a great Girl’s Night ...

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28 Feb

Shaking My Nappy Head – Kelly’s Hair: A Commentary

I am sooo over the hair thing. Really, haven’t we been having this conversation long enough? We’ve all but banned ...

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15 Feb

I Almost Lost My Kid On Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day was complete! I had a great girl’s day out with myself topped off by a great dinner, ...

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