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17 Jun

I Want to Marry a Korean Lady Named Sophia

If you do I as I tell you in this post, you will change your life.

  • Get in your car and drive to King Spa and Sauna
  • Get a body scrub
  • That is all

Yesterday, while cleaning my house, I get a call from my friend to get in my car and drive to Niles, IL. With gas being $4.00 a gallon, I am less than excited to join her. When she says, “I”ll pay for you to get one of those scrubs I told you about”, I immediately put down my broom, shower and proceed to drive across country.

While in the car, I wonder “What is this King Spa where everyone is naked?” Well, this is to be an experience that truly changes my life! Upon arrival to this Korean inspired spa and paying $25 to enter, you are given a key for a locker. Once you remove your shoes, you are ushered into a locker room where you remove your clothes – yes all of them! It is here that you experience the aromatic smells of oils and a plethora of naked women walking throughout the spa.

Entering the spa room, I notice showers around the perimeter of the room and I take one. My friend, being my tour guide then walks me through the pool options: warm, warmer and OMG that’s hot! It is customary to dip into all three to open your pores before going into the sauna, and it is so darn relaxing! Now I’ve been in some saunas at the gym, but this sauna is NOT for the weak of heart! After having all of my pores pried open by the steam and heat, we then dipped into the cold pool. A shock to the system that was somehow ridiculously relaxing!

Now, for the life changing moment: my number is called and I am ushered over to a woman wearing a matching panty and bra set named Sophia. I must admit, I am uncomfortable; all these naked and scantily clad women in one room! Well, I get on the table, have a towel draped over my face and Sophia proceeds to scrub me. I mean, every inch of me. I mean, ALL my skin comes off! Now, I’ve never been all that interested in body scrubs, but THIS is something different! With hand gloves that have some type of exfoliating bristles, I am scrubbed in areas that I never even recognized as needing scrubbing! Every inch of my body, front and back, is scrubbed for an hour! Sophia intermittently poured warm water over me to wash away the exfoliated skin from me and the table and even that felt amazing!

After my scrub, my entire body is washed with soapy water and she lightly massages my back, arms and legs. And then, she washes my hair! I mean takes my ponytail off and washes my hair! It is at this point that I know I am going to call my husband and tell him that I ain’t coming back home!

In addition to the life-changing, mind altering, body scrub, King Spa and Sauna also offers four different types of facials, massages, acupressure massages, and foot massages.

After your treatments, you are given a uniform that you can wear when you enter into the common area with the male guests. It is in this area that you can enjoy wonderfully authentic Korean food options from a cafeteria, fresh fruits and teas, water and a really relaxing no cell phone environment.

The spa uses ancient practices along with natural oils, salts, stones, wood and crystals combined with heat to de-stress, relax, rejuvenate and restore and heal the body. This spa is certainly an experience that everyone should have.

King Spa and Sauna is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Here you can enjoy a meditation room, theater room (with good movies!) and even bring your laptop for uninterrupted creative thinking! And you can stay as long as you like: after 24 hours, it’s an additional $2.00 an hour.

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