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03 Feb

It Is What It T-I-IS: A Commentary

It’s been too long since blogging was a priority in my life. I never knew that unbridled happiness and utter despair could really coexist in one’s life. From the loss of my daddy and the birth of my daughter on the very day of his memorial service, I must admit that I have been living a bi-polar existence for a year. And it’s today that I have decided to truly get back to me.  It’s today that I have decided to let go off many things that have little to no use in my life. It’s today that I have decided to be truly happy and free. And it is today that I have decided to be truthful about those things that I have pretended to be what they are not; from relationships to work to my own procrastinating ways. It’s today that I am calling it ALL what is and I’m calling BS on a lot of my stuff!

Life is what it is and not what I think it could be; and that’s a hard lesson to accept. Some relationships will never be what you want, but they are what they are and nothing more. Whether that’s with your parents, your sister or your best friend. Accept it for what it is and you will be much more healthy for it. I’m too old to pretend to be what I’m not and furthermore, I’m WAAAY to fabulous to be anything other than my fabulous self!  2014 is waiting for me and you and all the great stuff that we want to manifest so let’s get to making the life that we want happen. So, now that we are clear on that, let’s get to the good stuff!



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