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02 Jul

Pre Poo on You!

In case you’re wondering, no The She Spot is NOT just about “A Life in the Day of Kelly’s Hair” and no, I don’t mean “A DAY in the LIFE…!” I’ve been chronicling my hair because that is my latest obsession and more things happen to me in a day than in most people’s lives! Now that we’ve gotten the housekeeping done, let’s get back to my hair!

If you watched my video, you saw all the products that I’ve picked up as I start my healthy hair adventure! Well, let me tell you the latest! So, I recently cut much of my hair off, because even though I’ve been natural for over 15 years, I had been straightening my hair often and it had begun to really break off. I also starting reading everything I could find on caring for natural hair and I have found my Bible Website, CurlyNikki.com! It is here that I learned the first steps to developing a hair regimen that I am really excited about, and I’ll share my progress up to this point.

1. Pre-poo

I know it sounds funny, but pre pooing is treating your hair with an oil prior to shampooing to minimize the damage done by shampooing (which is very stressful to the hair.) My hair is really fine, and I thought that this would be disasterous, but it was great! I used a mixture of coconut oil and castor oil, massaged the oil into my scalp and over each strand of my hair, put on a plastic cap (and a winter hat for heat) and left it for an hour before shampooing.

2. Shampoo – With a sulfate-free shampoo.

3. Condition – I chose a moisturizing conditioner, left it in while I showered and rinsed as usual.

4. Leave in Moisturizer

The difference in my hair is amazing! I must admit, my hair was a bit oilier the next day, but on day 2, it was silky and shiny and it remained that way all week.  I’m going to adjust the castor oil because it is a bit heavy. However, I noticed far less shedding throughout the week and it wasn’t as dry as it normally is. I also used a bit of the leave in conditioner every morning to rejuvenate my curls.

I think there’s something to this pre-pooing thing! I’ll keep you posted!




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