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13 Feb

Tell HIM He’s Still The Best On Valentine’s Day!

I alway’s hear my guy friends say that Valentine’s Day is for women. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I believe that it is the day to acknowledge all the people in your life that make your life special!

Now as the strong and independent women that we are, we are often accused of not letting our men feel needed or appreciated and with Valentine’s Day coming, what better time to tell your Sweetie how much you appreciate him in your life? So while you’re waiting for him to remember to send those roses to your office, to make reservations at the place of your first date, or that diamond that says “let’s do this!” surprise him with a little something something for his ego (until you get home for the something something else!)

Lost for ideas on how to make this holiday one he too will enjoy? Well here are couple of ideas:

Brown Wood Watch

Most guys like watches, and though this is not a Movado or a Tag Heuer, it is pretty cool!

Brown Natural Wooden Watch

(Source: The Red Envelope )

Mens Diamond Ring


Men love bling too and this Sterling Silver and Diamond Ring is just the right amount of it!

(Source: The Bradford Exchange Online)

Love Vouchers

A night dedicated to him – it really is that simple. Enough said.

Love Vouchers to let  him choose!

(Source: PersonalizationMall.com)


Everyone needs time to get away. A trip with just the guys will make his day (and you’ll enjoy some alone time too!)



Wanna do something more intimate?                                                                                                                               I’ve never met a man that didn’t appreciate a home cooked meal and that didn’t like steak!

Source: YOU!

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