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22 Sep

The She Spot Does New York – Day 2

Day 2:

Black out drapes make it difficult to wake up. After dragging myself out of bed, and into the shower, it was time to empty my checking account to buy some East Coast fashion. No time for breakfast today, just grabbed some fruit and juice from a corner market where the cashier – with a thick dialect from a country unknown to me – tells me “I love your accent!” This is going to be a great day!

We jump on the R and head to my favorite store in all the world – Century 21! Initially brought to my attention by style icons Carrie, Amanda, Charlotte and Samantha. If you’ve never been to Century 21, I can only explain it as a mix of the New York Stock Exchange and TJ Maxx on steroids. No Willie Wear here, but you might find Escada, Manolo Blahnik and Missoni. Three floors and two buildings of stuff to buy! And what makes me love this store even more? The second building is ALL SHOES! This is not shopping for the faint of heart.

Only 20 minutes into my shopping experience, the heavens burst open and a flood of light engulfs it: the perfect brown Revel hobo bag! I have searched the country, high and low for more than 3 years looking, searching, yearning for the perfect brown bag and finally, I’ve found it!

I am ready to board the plane and head back to Chicago, but I press on to the third floor.

As I scour the racks and racks and racks and racks of fall sweaters, pants, jackets, dresses, skirts, and blouses, I “luck up” on a Sarah Pacini dress that has four arm holes. I’m not kidding, four arm holes. I bought it. I love it. I’m weird. Hubby only found 3 PAIRS OF BRUNI MAGLI, MEZLAN AND UGG shoes!!!! (Smiling with pride!) Don’t tell me shopping is for girls!

(He thought the Ugg boots were a bit ordinary and would’t let me take a pic of them. Go figure.)

Our job was done here, so off to SoHo we treked. (BTW, just learned that SoHo means South of Houston Street and Tribeca means Triangle Below Canal.) We happened upon a store called G Star Raw. Mistaking it for some type of porn joint, I was surprised to find some really hot jeans and jackets. A bit costly, but definitely a must have denim fall staple.

After meandering through SoHo for more than half the day, skipping breakfast was catching up with us. We head back to Times Square in search of sustenance. Now generally when I’m out of town, I like to try restaurants that are not available at home, and although we have a Counter Custom Built Burgers in Chicago, I’ve never been there, so the choice was made to try it out.

The Counter takes Burger King’s “have it your way” to a whole new level. Not only do you choose between, beef, turkey, chicken, and veggie burgers, but also size – 1/3, 2/3, 1 lbs; 12 cheeses; 32 toppings; 23 sauces and 5 bun options. We took a half hour just to order our food. And the gastronomical effect, well the picture says it all: 

Now you know that after ingesting a small cow and vegetable garden of toppings, we needed to lay down. So back to the room to try on our new buys and chill before letting it rip on the strip and hitting a bar or two. Then we’ll hit the restart button and start all over tomorrow!

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