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25 Sep

The She Spot Does New York – Day 4 Hasta La Vista!

Day 4 in the NYC and I’m exhausted! After checking out of the hotel and saying goodbye to our fab view of the Hudson River, we’ve got last minute shopping to finish!

Many of the things that were passed on must now be reconciled and we head back to where it all began – Century 21! This store is amazing! Now having just visited a few days ago, I’m thinking I’ve seen everything and running in to pick up those left behind items that I can’t stop thinking about should be relatively quick right? Uh no. It’s an entirely new store! I do find my Save The Queen sweater (I’ve only seen this designer here and I love the quirkiness of the line!) and two pair of Ralph Lauren boots for the little ones. What I didn’t see a few days ago was the unbelievable men’s tie collection. Every designer tie that you can imagine from DKNY to Calvin Klein started at $9.99! Can you say Christmas gifts? I did! And my shopping buddy hubby RACKED up – 5 dress shirts and 4 ties = $126.00! Ridiculous!

Dashing back to SoHo to hit a few shops that we missed on the first tour, we come across a Mackage boutique! My heart be still! If you are not familiar with the Mackage line, it’s only the dopest coats and jackets I’ve ever seen! A little more than I was interested in spending, but I had to stop and feel the wool anyway! We kept it moving and ended up in the Frye store. I LOVE Frye boots! They are some of the best leather boots I’ve ever worn! This is where we spend the next hour, emerging with a pair of black bucks for hubby and a pair of what I can only describe as some ankle length, two-toned brown, shit kicking boots.

Dashing back to the subway, we headed toward the hotel to get ready to leave the NYC. But this trip would not be complete without our regular stop at the Roxy Delicatessen for a pastrami sandwich. Now, Mayor Bloomberg just banned the sale of super-sized drinks; he should consider the same for the deli sandwiches at the Roxy. An entire pound of pastrami on one sandwich for someone with no control like myself is a recipe for disaster Рbut I HAVE to have it!

With our pastrami sandwiches in hand, hot fall fashions in our bags and a weekend of great experiences being in the Big Apple, we hop in a cab, head to LaGuardia and promise NYC that we’ll see you next year!



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