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12 Feb

Turn The Light’s Back Off…

OK, I’m coming clean: I’ve been having a pity party for 3 months. Yes, I’ve been laying in the bed all day every day (literally) since December. Getting up and out only for the things that I have to do and only long enough so that the people in my life don’t become aware that I really am in a state of funk. Before you judge me or give me the “You’ve just gotta push through it” conversation, I already know all that. I am an MSW level social worker. I already know.

However, just like everybody else, sometimes I just don’t want to deal with my situation. Now, I could go through all the stuff that has gone wrong, not gone according to plan or just plain went to shit, but what’s the point of it? Let’s suffice to say that I tried to take a hiatus from my problems and now I feel like felling better.

If you are a She Spot reader, please don’t feel slighted – I’ve ignored EVERYTHING! And I’ve come to the realization that that doesn’t solve anything! So, I’m back, I’m writing, and I’m getting my head back in the game! I have so much to talk about and I’ve really missed my blog. My life is still sucky right now, but hey, no situation will last forever so I might as well just keep it moving.

So She Spot readers holla at me and tell me what I’ve been missing. Wassup with you?

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