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05 Jul

We Ain’t Eatin Peaches in Atlanta!

When I lived in Atlanta in the early 90’s, the most exciting place to eat was a 24 hour, downtown joint that sold hot wings. I’m serious. Well things have certainly changed in Hotlanta since 1991 (not that this is my first visit but the first I’ve written about) and I am glad for it!

While there is a multitude of activities to experience in the ATL, eating is MY favorite and I was not disappointed! While on my way to Sandy Springs from the airport, I decided to check out a little spot that I’ve enjoyed before for breakfast named Highland Bakery.  Located in the Old Fourth Ward at 655 Highland Ave, this bakery/restaurant is truly a treat! With your choice of items such as sweet potato pancakes, peanut butter french toast and Crab Cakes Benedict, it was difficult to choose. I actually opted for the shrimp and grits and my taste buds were REALLY happy!

The Highland Bakery also serves lunch and every pastry that you could possibly want. If EVER you visit the ATL, the Highland Bakery is definitely a place to visit! For more information on their menu or directions to their three locations, visit the Highland Bakery site.

After eating, taking the scenic route to the hotel and needing a nap (no, not itis, a 6 am flight and 111 degree heat!), I woke up ready for dinner! A Google Places search suggested a nearby restaurant and bar called Sage. Again, the menu was an epicurean’s worst nightmare; too many delicious sounding choices! Well, since we were on vaca, we decided to splurge. I started with a shrimp bisque soup and the Woodfire Rosemary Shrimp. DELICIOUS! For dinner, I ordered the Sage Seafood Broil which included charbroiled flounder, jumbo shrimp and sea scallops over creamy risotto and sauteed asparagus. Forgoing the suggested Chardonnay wine accompaniment, I opted to for a strawberry lemonade martini. Was dinner good you ask? Let’s just say that I didn’t a partner to enjoy this night!

When the restaurant closes at 11:00 pm, the party begins! And it was then that the bar area began playing 80’s hip hop music. Our tip hadn’t been picked up before I was on my way to the dance floor!

Except for the fact that I got jacked for my iPhone not 3 minutes after it fell out of my purse into the booth, and relatively little sympathy from the personnel in assisting me in finding it, Sage was a great choice for dinner, drinks and dancing! I recommend it, but keep your phone in your bra just in case!

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