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Who is She?

I developed this blog because I love all things “girl!” I love hanging out with friends, shopping and the hottest places to be! I love women who are strong and independent and who love themselves! I love my man, my mom, sex and my job. I love shoes, wine, traveling, movies, romantic dinners, greasy cheeseburgers and black tie events.

I have the best friends a girl could ever want and I want to celebrate who we are as women. We are complex, confusing, curmudgeon and frustrating. We are brilliant, insecure, sensitive and strong. We like being strong, independent and influential and we like being housewives and kept women. We are all of that and we make no apologies. And here, at this Spot, we talk about it and rejoice in it! Be You and Be Proud Of It!

This Spot

The She Spot is a blog where we answer the questions “What Do I Want? What Do I Like?” This blog is a place that chronicles sexy women from all walks of life, products that women like, vacation spots that women want to go to and things to do that women enjoy. It is not a celebrity website, but we do interview people who embody sexiness and sensuality and discuss how we, as women, define this. It is a site that embraces our sex and sexuality without shame or objectification. It is a place where we can love our men and honor each other. Whether it is a career woman, a wife and mother, or an empowered single woman, we will discuss What Hits the Spot of a Sexy Woman!

XOXO Kelly Evans

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